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On Feb. 27, 2008 charged be $1.97, and every month thereafter charged me $39.95 without my consent and without my knowledge, until I saw the mysterious charges on my Bank of America VISA credit card statement. I called Bank of America. They gave me a phone number for them: 800-931-3083. I called and demanded that they stop charging me. They told me I was signed up for a program for which I was billed the monthly charge. I told them I never signed up for their program and had no idea what their program was or who they were. I asked for their address. They would not give it, but said they would cancel the charges. I called Bank of America and told them that www.Bidfuel said they canceled the charges and program for me. lied to me. They continued to bill me. For the next four months I filled out my challenge to the charges. Bank of America replied 4 times and issued me a credit for one of the $39.95 charges. wrote Bank of America and claimed that their charges were for a legitimate service, as yet unexplained, had sent me a CD and that they had my credit card number. Bank of America sent me a copy of their letter and re-billed me. I protested again that I gave no consent for the transaction, and that I received no CD or any goods or services at all. Depending on who I contact at Bank of America, the case is still pending. I wrote Bank of America again and called again. Bank of America issued me a credit again for one of the charges. Www.Bidfuel said that the charge had already been dropped and that I was out of the program. I told them I was still getting billed. They said they were no longer billing me. So far, www.Bidfuel has gotten away with three charges, $1.97 and two for $39.95.

From the credit card statement, it appears that is from Kansas and that their phone number is 866-407-1021. Bank of America gave me a differrent phone number for them: 800-931-3083. The letter they wrote Bank of America is from St. Kitts in the East Caribbean with the following address and phone numbers:

ADD Media, Inc.

Armory Building, Suite 5073

Victoria Road

Basseterre, St. Kitts

East Caribbean

FAX: 877-311-5050

Toll Free 866-619-9410

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This company is an absolute rip off, they fail to disclose there terms and conditions, then charge us monthly fees for erroneous services, if anyone is starting legal proceedings, I would be more than willing to participate, please contact me at


how do i cancel the mmembership.


I am another victim...who never signed up for any service relating to this company.There are so many complaints on this company.

I am going to check into a class action law suite ASAP.

:( they have been charging me for months.I am calling my bank first thing in the morning.

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